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‘Technology was a key consideration throughout the process, driven from a desire to facilitate and support growth and change within the company over the coming years. In order to create a workspace that would be future-proofed as much as possible, the design solution fully encompassed an agile working philosophy. Although there are 234 desks in the final scheme, a further 96 work-points have been incorporated over both levels to allow for and actively encourage agile working.’




‘With current research highlighting more than ever the health benefits of biophilia – the human connection to outdoor spaces and nature – align was keen to ensure that elements of nature were included in the scheme. Additionally offsetting the boldness of the main colour scheme and the use of grey concrete in the base-build, a green area has therefore been included on each floor in the form of a ‘garden pod’, in addition to the planting surrounding the Level 11 Stage..’

(Design Insider Live)

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cathay pacific offices

‘What align has created is a fully appropriate design that matches Cathay Pacific's brief, representing its brand and bringing together its staff. Balancing east and west, the airline's new offices softly speak of luxury, while providing a modern, open space to enact change in business.’



Gurvinder Khurana on her favourite 'Creative Space'

‘After a 12-year gap I visited India again with my family in December of last year and Hawa Mahal in Jaipur was one of my new experiences. It is truly one of the most magical aspects of the Pink City and the Royal Palace complex’

(Gurvinder Khurana, Design Insider Live)

cathay pacific offices

‘The Cathay Pacific company design ethos is 'softly spoken, strongly felt,' pointing towards a language of tasteful, warm and considered sensory experiences, delivered with respectful grace and heartfelt hospitality. For align, it was an important part of the design concept stage to refer to the company's brand values and translate them into 3D form’




‘The notion of ‘cool’ is as subjective as the notion of beauty. Unfortunately, what’s often meant by a ‘cool office’ is a bells-and-whistles riot of garishness and gimmickry….’

(Nigel Tresise, Design Insider Live)

eden mccallum

‘This is quite a transformation for Eden McCallum. Moving more central, this is about letting their own clients know that they are really stepping up’

(Gurvinder Khurana in MIX Interiors)


‘Designers Align were called in to work on the project. The company’s Nigel Tresise said: “What’s particularly great about this project is that the interconnected arches create opportunities for drama and zoning while still functioning as an overall venue’

(BAR Magazine)

align premier construction Eden Mccallum

eden mccallum

‘We couldn’t be happier with the design of our new offices’ commented Kathryn Whinney, Operations Director for Eden McCallum’

(Premier Construction)



‘Creativity is…jumping in puddles’’

(Gurvinder Khurana, BCFA Open)


‘We felt we had something unique to offer through the way we work’

(ONE TO WATCH column, FX Magazine)